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You've got questions?

Of course you've got questions! Read on... 


What is the Bohemian Holler?

What and where is the Bohemian Holler? 

Once Bill Kimmons arrived in 1977, Anderson Heights Road became Bohemian Holler—at least in the minds of a few select denizens. It was the scene of many an epic party, including the Bohemian Holler Film Festivals I, II, and III.  (A denizen is a foreigner allowed certain rights in an adopted country.) What's so royal about it? We'll tell you at the party. 


Is this a wedding? 

No. Katelyn and Michael got married November 2, 2019. Thanks to COVID, we're just now having the reception to introduce Michael to our East Coast family and friends. 


Is this a weekend event? 

Yes, and no. For friends and family coming into West Virginia from long distances, Friday evening is the first gathering time. 

Sunday morning we’ll meet for breakfast, and we’d love for anyone who is curious/eager to join us for the 11 a.m. service at the South Charleston First Presbyterian Church. 

Only my name is on the invitation. May I bring a guest?

Yes, but please, please RSVP that you are bringing a guest.  We want to have enough food to feed your guest AND you.  


My invitation has only my name and my spouse’s on it. Can we bring our children?

Yes, please bring your children, but please do let us know that you are bringing them, so we can be prepared. On the reservation form, we ask how many guests you are bringing that are 12 years old or younger. We’d like to know how many little ones we will be entertaining! 


Will there be food? 

Yes, indeed! There will be snackage so that no one starves until dinner at 5 p.m., then there will be three buffets for you to browse. Strap on the feedbag, says Aunt Sarah.


Will there be booze? 

There will be a wine, a keg of beerplenty of soft drinks and water, and kombucha.  No hard alcohol will be provided. 


Where can I stay? 

See the travel tab for two hotels offering reasonable nightly rates, or check for the wide variety of accommodations there. 

Will there be transportation to the venue? 

Yes. You’ll park on a big parking lot at 1500 MacCorkle Avenue, and a pickup truck hayride or van will shuttle you from the parking lot to Anderson Heights Road and back. 


What is the RSVP deadline? 

You should let us know if you’re coming to the event by May 10

To get the special deals at the hotels, reservations must be made by 5 p.m. April 19. 


What should I wear? 

Comfortable clothes! Comfortable shoes!  Clothes to have fun in!


Can I bring children? 

Yes! You’re responsible for them, of course. Anderson Heights Road is a kids’ dream but there are stairs (some without railings), steep banks on the roadsides, big rocks, and poison ivy that only children can find. Watch your kids!  


Can I bring a date? 

Yes, as long as you RSVP that you’re bringing a date. We want to have enough food for you and your plus one. 


I have a food allergy. Can I make a special request? 

There will be plant-based food at this party, which should accommodate most special needs. If your diet requires something else, such as gluten-free food, or something we haven't thought of yet, please suggest what we might have on hand for you.


Is there parking? 

Parking is extremely limited on Anderson Heights Road. On Saturday, May 20, we are providing a shuttle service (the hayride is optional) to make getting to Bohemian Holler easy and stress-free. 


Is there Lyft and Uber? 


Is there cell/wifi service? 



Can I bring my pet?



Can I share pictures on social media?

Michael and Katelyn prefer not. They aren’t big on social media and like to keep their special moments private. We will create a shared drive so that everyone can share their photos with us.

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